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Aerial photograph of New York City
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James Barker(he, they)
Screenwriter, Director, Producer

James Barker is a self described multi-cellular chemical reaction. As a writer, director and editor, they don't like to sit still. By day James works as a video editor. He is currently editing on a docu-series for Showtime Basketball and a documentary short about one family's survival in Poland during the Holocaust. Always on the move in Jersey City, James fills their time running a virtual screenwriting group, The Society of Independent Screenwriters (SIS). He and his SISters meet bi-monthly to discuss projects, give feedback, and talk filmmaking as a whole.

Through a lifelong struggle with depression and suicidal ideation, James is a strong advocate for mental heath awareness, especially for young people. In all of their projects, James looks for the most empathetic and honest view of the human experience, showcasing the everlasting dichotomy we each struggle with every day. "Filmmaking is the most powerful tool we have to connect, understand and empathize with people, especially those who are most different from you." 

Outside of working in the film industry, James is an avid photographer. He travels throughout the country photographing people and places. Working in photography, especially B&W analog photography, has given James a stronger appreciation for the visual arts in its incredible use for storytelling. You can find James at your local farmer’s market, rocking out to either progressive metal or impressionist classical, and snuggling with his polydactyly cat, Pineapple.

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