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Remnants of Nova is our statement to the world that love prevails every time. We're on a mission to harness the power of storytelling to provide further visibility for the LGBTQ+ community, raise awareness around mental health struggles and resources, drive audiences to create real change in their communities, and spread our message of love.

The power of storytelling is undeniable. Cinema elevates our senses and our sense of self. When we see someone coming out or wrestling with their demons on the big screen, we feel less alone and a little more understood. We understand the power of movies to shape culture, change opinions, and nurture a culture of love. That's why we chose one of the greatest forces on earth to spread our message. The portability and accessibility of films means we can reach the largest possible audience and affect the greatest change. 


Our team is made up of true cinephiles. Believers in the power of cinema. And, professionals in their field of expertise. Each of us has a personal connection to Remnants of Nova, to the film industry, and the LGBTQ+ community. These personal and professional connections allow us to pool our passion and resources together to collaborate effectively and reach our goals.

We're exploring a partnership with a non-profit to guide us in a transformation-focused initiative that will work in tandem with the film. This impact campaign will add a unique and important piece to our eventual feature film. The film will make us feel something and inspire people to act on those feelings by providing a framework for cultural unity and actionable change.


Our team is ready to use the power of cinema to bring Dani and Nova's story to life, to show LGBTQ+ people they're not alone, and to call on everyone to love a little more.  

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