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Dani and Nova - the film's lead characters - lay in bed together as the early morning sun shines on their faces

Dani & Nova's Story

Remnants of Nova tells the story of Dani and Nova in the midst of a chaotic relationship. Dani Cadieux is a rising queer artist, garnering a large social media following that has led to her first live performance tonight at a venue in Jersey City. Her partner, Nova, the band’s guitarist, has been struggling with depression for years. As the pressures of Dani’s career take over, Nova continues to feel more and more isolated, left on the sideline, no longer a priority. The morning of the concert, Nova confesses they don’t have it in them to play in the show. In a fury, Dani gives Nova an ultimatum, play in the show or she will break it off with her. In the turning point of their relationship, Nova and Dani break up, leaving Dani without her guitarist and more importantly her emotional lifeline. Dani scrambles to find a replacement and get her show off without any hiccups, the pressure mounting each passing minute.

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