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Music Concert
Queer artist Kimmie devereux sitting in a grassy field wearing ripped jeans and a white blouse

Kimmie Devereux(she/her)
Screenwriter, Songwriter, Associate Producer

Kimmie Devereux is using her music as a way to raise support and awareness around causes close to her heart — mental health and LGBTQ+ safe spaces.


The openly proud lesbian and New Jersey native moved to Nashville in 2021 and soon after went viral on TikTok posting her catchy and sexy song, 'Like A Drug' and LGBTQ+ pop anthem, 'Queen'.


Devereux says, "Now that I’ve got people’s attention, I want to show them my heart, because I’m not always fun and sexual — I have things to say,” Often compared to artists like Fletcher, Chelsea Cutler, and Demi Lovato, Kimmie is excited to be a part of the growing community of queer pop artists.

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