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Marcus Kitchen (he/him)

My name is Marcus Kitchen. I've been a performing musician and *luthier for over 15 years. As a musician I have toured the US and Canada and recorded close to 20 albums of music for myself and other artists. I've only been acting for a year and a half but it's been great to branch out, meet new artists, and work together on some amazing projects. I was (briefly) in an episode of The Equalizer(S3) and will be filming my first speaking role for a science fiction movie in the spring.


I applied for this role because the project spoke to me on a few levels. I struggled through homelessness when I was younger. I also lost several friends to drugs along the way. Some of them I would drive to the methadone clinics myself, just to make sure they got there safely.

In a lot of ways, I am Wayne. I've been playing music for years and could easily have been in his exact situation if I had never left my hometown. I know Wayne. I have friends that are like him.

*Luthier: noun - one who makes stringed musical instruments (such as violins or guitars)

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