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Finalist: Bridgeport Film Fest

Jersey City, NJ — The screenplay for Remnants of Nova has completed its competitive run as a finalist at the Bridgeport Film Fest screenwriting competition, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on September 17, 2023. This marks the third acknowledgement of the screenwriters’ work and brings the writers great joy to find success at an LGBTQ+-inclusive festival.

“We couldn’t ask for a better finish to our script’s competitive run, finding a home at Bridgeport, a festival known for its queer-inclusivity,” said Producer Richard Ormsby, “it’s proof that this story resonates with our audience, and that the film will too.”

A thriving hub of local artistry, Bridgeport, CT serves as the backdrop for the Bridgeport Film Fest. Founded in 2021, the fest’s goal is to spotlight diverse talent in a community bursting with potential for on-screen and behind the scenes talent.

The Remnants of Nova team looks forward to returning to Bridgeport to spread our message of love when the film is complete next summer.

The filmmakers, Kimmie Devereux, James Barker, and Richard S. Ormsby met during their undergraduate years at Montclair State University where they studied film and television production under seasoned filmmakers Roberta Friedman, Marya Cohn, and Karl Nussbaum. They currently pursue creative careers in Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles, respectively.

Production is planned to take place at various locales in New Jersey in January 2024, with a team of local talent.

Learn more about the story, crew, and mission of the film at


For Your Love, LLC is a development and producing vehicle for Remnants of Nova, a film project dedicated to creating a transformative cinematic experience for LGBTQ+ people and their allies. With a focus on promoting mental health awareness and resources for the LGBTQ+ community, Remnants of Nova will spark conversation and call on audiences to take concrete action to impact change.

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