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Remnants of Nova Casts Lead Parts: Eloise Lola Gordon as Dani Cadieux, Gabe Lewis as Nova

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Jersey City, NJ — Remnants of Nova has hired its two leading actors. Eloise Lola Gordon will portray rising pop star Dani Cadieux. Gabe Lewis will portray Nova, the film’s namesake. The actors each look forward to embodying their roles in the upcoming short, filming in January 2024.

“Our producing team is thrilled to have these impeccably talented people join the cast” said Producer Richard Ormsby, “their willingness to embrace these characters and help us spread our message of love is inspiring and we can't wait to work with them!”

Eloise Lola Gordon, Dani Cadieux, hails from Denver, CO, where she first found theater. Her love for acting drove her to study the profession at The New School of Drama in New York. She quickly found she had a talent for the screen, and has been working consistently in film roles in Los Angeles since 2022. Eloise looks forward to exploring and sharing a new perspective on the issues of mental health and suicide in the role of Dani.

Gabe Lewis, Nova, is an agroecologist, farmer, and natural mulch enthusiast. She spent her high school years playing parts on stage with Director James Barker, and has the unique opportunity of playing Nova, a character, in-part, based on her. Gabe is compelled by the cosmic story that plays out between Dani and Nova, and looks forward to exploring and sharing the fragility of love and our universe on screen.

The Remnants of Nova team looks forward to working with Eloise and Gabe in parts that are close to their hearts, determined to spread a message of love for the queer community and those struggling with their mental health.

Production is planned to take place at various locales in New Jersey in January 2024.

Learn more about the story, crew, and mission of the film at


For Your Love, LLC is a development and producing vehicle for Remnants of Nova, a film project dedicated to creating a transformative cinematic experience for LGBTQ+ people and their allies. With a focus on promoting mental health awareness and resources for the LGBTQ+ community, Remnants of Nova will spark conversation and call on audiences to take concrete action to impact change.

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